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Welcome to Shish Mangal

Here at Shish Mangal we pride ourselves on providing premium quality products at fair prices. We offer indoor and out door seating at the restaurant or if you wish to use our collection service, please call us 10 minutes in advances and we will have your order ready on arrival.

Bring Your Own Bottle(BYOB)

Despite having an alcohol License we have chosen the policy of BYOB. This allows you to have a wider variety and choice of drinks you like and enjoy and not be limited to what the house offers only at pumped up prices.

No Services Charge

That's right, we do not add a service charge to your bill! We do not find the necessity to force a service charge on out customers and feel that providing an excellent service is part of our duty and not something that must be paid for.

Keep Healthy

We believe that our high quality and charcoal cooked food can help as part of your healthy diet. Eurofin has tested our food and the nutritional breakdown has been provided.

We do not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

MSG is a form of concentrated salt added to foods to enhance the flavor. The large portion of the meats and products on the market contains MSG. The question of the safety of MSG has been raised for many years with a variety of studies carried out on its use and potential side effects. It is a controversial topic to the lease. Here is a few articles we found. Do your own research and email us on any interesting findings. mercola.comBBC NEWS |


All our food is freshly prepared and seasoned in house every morning by our specialist chefs who have extensive experience in getting the best taste. Our sauces are also prepared in house from our freshly daily delivered ingredients.


We do not have a freezer on site. Our meat is delivered daily to ensure freshness and never frozen which helps keep the taste at an optimum.


We use British sourced lamb, naturally grazed and UK farm assured.


Sourced from a small number of growers, over ninety percent of whom are based in East Anglia, all meeting the welfare standards laid down by UK law as a minimum.


Our vegetables are sourced from local London markets and delivered multiple times weekly to ensure freshness.